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Every year, sometime in July, Saint Stephanos hosts Varcarola.

Varcarola is a traditional boat festival. A very romantic tradition that descends from Corfu’s Venetian occupation years.

In this event, Corfiots celebrate life, their lives in particular, which evolves around the sea, local singing and local wine. They pay tribute for being blessed to be born on this beautiful island.

Visitors can witness one of the most spectacular summer nights, full of music and traditional singing which ends with an unforgettable firework display.

They can enjoy their evening meal in Galini Taverna while the local choir “serenades” for them.

It is definitely an experience that must not be missed!

Traditional festival

Every year, on the last Sunday of July, on the grounds surrounding the Old Saint Stephanos church, the local summer festival takes place. Many foreigners and local meet up to dance and celebrate. If you happen to be arround, do not forget to pop in.

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