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Property Information Page

Saint StephanosIn the last few years, high demand for properties in the area has substantially increased. More and more people are looking into Saint Stefanos for a good property investment.

They either buy land and build a property from scratch or they buy an already existing property which they renovate. This then becomes their holiday home for most of the summer.

There are also many that seek to make a profit out of their investement by renting their property with local and foreign tourist agents. So they spend most of their time between Agios Stephanos and their homeland.

Nevetheless, there are a few that decide to move to Corfu permanently and turn their holiday home into their own homebase.

Property investement can be risky business. As we have most intimate knowledge of the area and we know most of the people resident in in Agios Stefanos, we will be happy to assist your investement venture by giving you as much help and local knowledge as we can.

We will be glad to help and give any guidence. Just pop by the taverna to have a drink and discuss.


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