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Our History

Grand father Nikos SarakinosNikos Sarakinos’s family was the first family to settle in Saint Stephanos at the beginning of the 20th century.

It was a big family that quickly became an even bigger one. Testimony to that is the great number of locals that have the ‘Sarakinos’ surname.

Nikos Sarakinos’s grandfather (Nikos) was a fisherman who used his fishing skills to raise his family before the wave of tourism came to Corfu.

Antie LaWhen this happened, he slowly moved from his honorable profession to becoming a taverna owner, the first in Saint Stephanos bay. The taverna had no other attractions than its friendly and welcoming people.

Antie “La” was one of them, renowned among the regular visitors of the taverna.

Nikos’s father, Kostas, did not take over the restaurant business. He had a talent for constructions and thus became a building constructor. Many of the houses from Kerasia and up to Kassiopi are his doing.

Galini TavernaGalini Taverna Tables on the Jetty

Nikos Sarakinos, the grandson, took over the taverna business just after the completion of his Greek military service and quickly started to changed it in order to meet the demands of the ever changing tourism industry.

Galini TavernaGalini Taverna

Galini TavernaGalini Taverna

Nikos Sarakinos the grandfather

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